You are alive at this point in history for such a time as this!

God is mobilising His people like no other time, and we would so value you partnering with us to see the reality of a World Prayer Centre come into being.

We are continuing our role as watchmen and hosting a House of Prayer in Birmingham – both virtual and actual. It is a place where nations get brought before the throne of God, a place where individuals and issues are brought before God in prayer.

This is something that YOU can be involved in. Your support, both in prayer and financially makes a significant difference.

Can you support us regularly or with a one-off donation as we move forward in God’s purposes  Let’s be History Makers!


We currently have 5 paid staff and 2 volunteers. As a charity, our finances come from the generous donations of people who want to support what we do and see prayer increase in our nation.

In order to build our regular rhythm of prayer in the city, we need help from churches and ministries who have a passion for prayer and to see our city changed. 

Initially, we will need…

5 interns – to learning and facilitating the house of prayer (12-16 hours per week)

10 volunteers – Worship leaders, musicians, prayer leaders and support staff (7-8 hours per week)

Extra £12,000 per month to cover salaries and running costs.

With your help, we can establish the rhythm and house of prayer.
Can you partner with us by becoming a monthly giver?