WPC are making a nationwide call to prayer. We are crying for God’s sovereign purpose in our land. This goes way beyond Brexit. It is the Isaiah 61 call for us to be good news, to bind up the brokenhearted. “The sovereign Lord will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations.”

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On 31 August at the Wembley Arena Day of Prayer, we prayed that in these days of national uncertainty, hostility and division, the church will stand in the opposite spirit of unity and humility demonstrating the fruits of the Spirit in word and action.  We prayed that in answer to our humility, sacrifice and obedience, the fire of God will fall on the church and our nation.  We believe at this time God is calling us to really persevere in prayer, stand on the truths of His Word and believe that despite what we see and hear, His purposes are being outworked as we the church, carry the Jesus mandate of Isaiah 61 across the nation.   Whatever happens politically, we believe it is time for the Good News to be preached, the broken-hearted to be healed, freedom to the captives and release for those who are bound. 


We issued a 61-day Prayer Call focused on Isaiah 61 and it’s not too late for you to join the call.


The Call


On this day we stand in unity, as one, representing the Church, The Body of Christ on behalf of our family of nations.

We pray in the authority of the name of Jesus, from a place of repentance and a position of humility.

We recognise that before God releases fire and glory, He looks for obedience and sacrifice. We ask the Holy Spirit to help us each day of this call.

We confess that we are not asking because we are righteous, but because of God’s great mercy and the sake of His great name.

We commit up to the 31 October, to read, pray, take times of fasting and act upon Isaiah 61, the words that Jesus spoke, as in the power of the Holy Spirit He began His ministry.

We commit to pray for, bless and speak well of all those in authority over us.

We commit that starting on 1 November for the next 61 days, at some time during each day, having again read Isaiah 61, we will in our praying Hallow God’s name and pray that His Kingdom come and His will be done in our nations as it is in heaven.

This will take us through to 1 January 2020.


We will send out regular updates, so we can pray for the many issues that will arise in the coming months. If you are not on our mailing list, sign up at the bottom of the home page on our website or email [email protected].  Alternatively, follow us as we send out posts on Facebook or Twitter.



Please forward this message to your friends

  • Discuss it with your church leaders
  • Include it in your prayer meetings
  • Wait on God – He is awakening His church for fire

We are God’s chosen people called to pray.


The WPC team - 04/9/2019