We are all followers!  Who would you like to follow in 2020 and beyond?

Every day and in many ways all of us follow someone or something.  From famous or infamous stars, from famous or not so famous sports teams, to the voice on our Sat-Nav, to the annoying driver in front who obviously does not have a sat-nav.

We like to put people on pedestals in the hope that what they are achieving will somehow rub off on us.  Inevitably they fall off their pedestals, so we have to find someone or something else to follow. Why?  Because we have to follow someone or something that will fill the place and space that God created in all of us, the place and space called worship.

We have to follow someone or something that will fill the place and space that God created in all of us, the place and space called worship.

As a keen sports fan I am always interested to watch men and women, young and old at football, cricket or rugby matches who have paid their tithes, (ticket price) sung their songs, “O when the saints…..” or ‘’Swing low sweet chariot” or “You’ll never walk alone” and raised their hands in honour of the team they are following.  In fact they often go beyond that as fans, even though they did not kick or hit a ball, they so identify with their heroes that phrases like, ‘We stuffed them’ or ‘We beat them easily,’ just roll off the tongue.  However, we all know that following any human activity or any human being leads to disappointment and at times disillusionment simply because they are like you and me… human.

So today if you are looking for someone to follow who will not disappoint you, I would like to introduce you to someone who millions and millions of people all over the world, including the writer, have followed and who every day of the week, all over the world, thousands more chose to follow.

This person is not being followed because He was rich and famous. He was born in a stable and for the first two years of His life was a refugee.  In fact for three years He had no permanent home.  Did everyone treat Him as a star?  No, the religious people of the day hated Him. The poor people loved Him.  Did He offer people the good life, how to become rich and famous?  No, in fact He said, “If you want to follow me, be ready to take up your cross.”

At the age of thirty, Christ Jesus the Son of God called men and women to follow Him. For three years they followed, some thinking that He would be the King of their nation.  But then the religious people who hated Him and the authorities, had Him crucified and those who had followed him with such high hopes, experienced such disappointment. The one they had given up everything to follow had let them down.

But that is not the end of the story.

Three days after their hero had died, these disappointed and confused followers went to where He was buried only to discover He was not there.  In fact sometime later, He met them by the Sea of Galilee and had breakfast with them. Having risen from the dead, having overcome death, Jesus turned those same followers into leaders who through the power of the Holy Spirit have helped millions and millions become His followers.

Today you can become a follower of Jesus. 

He will not disappoint you. Your sports team will, your so-called heroes will, your politicians will, your religion will; they will all disappoint you.  Today, if you ask Him, Jesus the Son of God will forgive all your sins, He will give you His Holy Spirit and He will turn you from a disappointed and disillusioned follower into a leader who will help others, many others, join you in becoming His followers 

Ask Jesus today.  He is ready to hear you. Don’t let your past control your future destiny. Not only will you have all that He gives you as you follow Him in this life, you will have all that and more for ever and ever in the next.

That’s His promise!

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