Bless UK Gathering 26th October 2019, Rising Brook Church, Stafford

“Celebrate the Story”

Guest Visitor Programme

11:00         Coffee

11:30         Welcome, Introduction and outline of day

11:40         The story of the Bless Journey

12:00         Personal Transformation = Transformation of the world

                  Boot Camp -> Mission (Bethanie and beyond)

                  Language School -> 5 Star Luxury camping (Villedomer)

                  English church -> local French church (Livarot)

                  Keys to a restaurant -> keys to a city (Caen)

                  Loving refugees -> church on Presqu’Ile (Caen)

13:15         Lunch

14:00         Personal transformation at Bethanie

                  “Seven Stories” programme

14:30         Celebrating 10 years at Bethanie (centre of the flower)

                  Missional powerhouse (transforming and sending)

                  Love Europe (prophetic prayer events)

                  How can I support/get involved?

15:00         Reflect, feedback and close (Martin Y)

15:15         Coffee and close of visitor programme