Our hope is to communicate our passion for the Bride and the longing to see Jesus return as the Bridegroom King. There is an urgency upon the times in which we are now living, yet an Eternal Purpose remains true and unaffected. The Lord is in control, and leading us somewhere beautiful, to those who have ears to hear, may we hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches."
Call2Come is a movement in a growing number of nations around the world that is primarily focussed on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the implications and application of this "blessed hope" for the church today. A key part of our mandate is that the Bride must "make herself ready". This preparation is both inward and individual for each believer to grow in their love and intimacy with Jesus Christ, but is also outward and corporate.
This is our vision: that in regions and nations the Bride will gather together in times of worship and prayer, to pour out her heart in purity of longing, repentance and proclamation, and ask Jesus to Come.

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