With tribalism reaching unprecedented levels on both sides of the Atlantic, the concept of truth under fire, and our nation facing huge challenges, never has it been more important for Christians involved in the world of politics (in any way!) to come together in prayer. The point is not to come to some fuzzy artificial agreement, but by coming together in the presence of the ONE who DOES know everything, we may come to see that perhaps we don’t know everything. In humility, our ears may be rendered just millimetres more open to hear from those with whom we disagree.

The leaders of the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum, Conservative Christian Fellowship and Christians on the Left have found surprising unity in recent years, agreeing to disagree well and put kingdom before tribe. Based on these core relationships and also those with Christians within the Greens, SNP, Plaid Cymru, Brexit, the Northern Irish parties and independents, they are issuing a call to pray for our nation at this time. We will be on our knees in repentance, offering thanks, lamenting for those in such distress at this time, and interceding for the UK before being re-commissioned as ambassadors into the mission-field of politics.

Please join us in the Zoom from 7:30pm-9pm on Wed 20th January.

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