Cry for Mercy:  21 February – 1 April 2021

‘Cry for Mercy’ is an invitation to join Christians around the nation – and wherever this message ends up – ‘on our knees’, crying out to Almighty God for His mercy as we acknowledge, confess and repent of the sin in this nation.

Regular readers will already have read about this theme in recent issues.  You will already know that early in the first UK lockdown, as northern Italy’s Mayors mourned their dead, someone we know well asked the Lord, ‘How much longer will this go on?’ and the reply came back instantly, ‘You are not on your knees yet.’

It is a theme that has resonated with many, who have got in touch to say that it cannot just be a one-off prayer time, it has to be a sustained time of repentance and intercession. 

Because despite everything that has happened since last March – all the good, as well as all the bad – despite all that, we are still not ‘on our knees’, in the sense that God wants us to be.

So, as we move into and through the time we call Lent, as we prepare to mark and celebrate once again the death and glorious resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – that amazing expression of the incredible love, grace, compassion and mercy of Father God – we invite you to join us in this Cry for Mercy.

How you choose to respond is up to you – you may prefer to pray on your own, or choose to pray online with friends or your Church prayer group, or take part in 24/7 prayer arranged by your church or with local churches, or any other way.  The important thing is that as the Church we respond to God’s invitation to ‘get on our knees’ and ‘cry for God’s mercy’ over these 40 days and, if necessary, beyond.


As part of your cry, you may also wish to fast – in whatever way and for however long or often that is relevant for you.

During the 40 days we will send out a short daily reflection written by a cross-section of Christians from around Scotland with some prayer points relating to some aspect of society, all under the theme Cry for Mercy.  If you are not already on our email list, you can sign up from our website Home page - reflections will also be posted on the website with a link from the Home page.

During this pandemic the Church has faced many challenges  -some will not survive while some, like Jesus coming out of the desert, will come out of this season stronger than when they went in because they have been listening to what ‘the Spirit is saying to the Church’ in these days.

There have been many prophetic words about what God wants to do in this nation, not just this year but in the years to come.  There is an expectation, a rising hope, that there is a harvest coming and now is the time to prepare, to get ready.

And part of this season of preparation is a season of refining, of purifying, of getting right with God.   This Cry for Mercy is part of this process, this refining.  There is a sense that it needs to happen to prepare the way for God wants to do next  - a sense that if we want to experience a fresh move of God in our communities, we need to get to our knees first and cry out to Him for mercy.

Will you, your friends, your Church, join us as we ‘get on our knees’ and cry out to Father God for His mercy and a fresh move of His power, His Glory in our nation?  We pray you will!  May you experience Father’s blessing as you do!


Alistair Barton is the Director of Pray for Scotland.


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