From the sunrise in the east to the sunset in the west, may the name of the Lord be praised. Psalm 113:3

As Christ for all Nations, we are calling for an International Day of Prayer for Africa, on 6 November 2020. We are going to circle the globe with prayer in 24 hours! Starting in the morning, and working our way around the world, each of our CfaN offices will be hosting a live prayer session on Facebook, finishing with a special broadcast from our CfaN Headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

Please pray with us! 

On 6 November 2020, please set the day aside – or part of the day – as a personal time of intercession, whether at home or at your church. Proclaim the Lordship of Jesus over all of Africa. Release the Lord’s will over each and every country. Break every stronghold that hinders evangelism and discipleship. Listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit and pray prophetically over the nations of Africa. Join us in lifting a mighty shout to the heavens. Lord, hear our prayers for Africa!

Find out more on website Day of Prayer for Africa.