Praying for London. For peace on the streets of London. For those impacted by gun and knife crime.  For the well of salvation to be opened over London.  We are prayer walking the same days as the Europe’s Wells initiative.  Praying for the glory of God to be known across our capital.    Isaiah 58:12, Isaiah 12:3, Zechariah 2:5

This is an invitation from the Neighbourhood Prayer Network to come to London to prayer walk a section of the London LOOP with either a friend, your prayer group or your church over Friday 21st June, Saturday 22nd June or Sunday 23rd June. 

To accept go to our website and click on the projects tab followed by the London Loop and sign up to say you are able to organise a prayer walk and come along.  You can choose which of the 24 sections you would like to prayer walk by looking at the Transport for London website – .