The World Prayer Centre is networked with churches and houses of prayer all over the UK and internationally, across all kinds of denominations... and you are warmly invited to join!

Helping you pray: Easy-to-use prayer guides, free resources, and prayer events

How do you decide what to pray for when there are so many problems in the world, and even in our own lives? The World Prayer Centre can provide you with free, thought-through schedules covering all kinds of topics at a manageable pace. These easy-to-use guides are available for individuals and groups, and you will be joining hundreds - even thousands - of other believers in prayer. We also organise prayer events locally and nationally and you are welcome to join us.

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Worth listening to:  Inspiring stories of what God is saying and doing

God answers prayer – all the time! Sometimes in small ways and sometimes in really huge ways. Hearing these stories helps boost our faith and encourage us in prayer. Prayer is a two-way conversation - he acts and speaks as we come to pray. If you find it hard to listen to God, you are not alone! But we can help with suggestions and coaching to grow in this important area of prayer. We also have prophecy pages, where you can read what God has been saying to his people.

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Learning to pray: Fuelling prayer in your own life and church

Why do we need to keep praying over and over for something instead of just saying it once with faith? Why does God sometimes say no? There are many big questions to grapple with when it comes to prayer, that we need to think about if we want to be effective. Whether you are looking to gather people to pray where you are, or to grow in your own prayer life, we can help you with biblical teaching, as well as practical ideas and suggestions. 

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