At the time of writing, it is difficult to assess the middle to long-term effects of the corona virus on our global village. Most certainly the immediate effects are very plain to see as day by day we are given account of those suffering and those who sadly have passed away.

As ever, all over the world there are those perverted people who think it is fun to release fake news. Sad to say, within the body of Christ prophetic words tumble out some saying one thing, and some another.

The responsibility on all of us is to listen, weigh carefully and stay in the Word of God and isn’t He giving us time to do that. All that we can say for the present is that reports from many nations state that in the shaking God is allowing, He is revealing His mercy, He is drawing His church closer to Him and He is stirring in many around the world a desire for truth and a searching for hope.

People in nation after nation are realising that their gods are not able to help and that without the true God there is a great fear of death. Today, the Global movement of prayer, mission and social action through the body of Christ is seeing the beginnings of a great global harvest in the midst of the fear, pain, chaos and distress.

The great and glorious news for everyone in this global village this Easter season is that God still loves the world and whoever calls on Him in the name of His Son Jesus and turns from their sin to follow Him, will be given His life and whatever happens to us in this life, Jesus promises that in Him is life for now and eternity. WOW!!

In the last century we used to sing, ‘He’s got the whole world in His hands’. In spite of all we are seeing, hearing and experiencing that is as true today as the day He created it. Today, we look to the triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and join with the biggest movement of prayer in the churches history and pray that around the world fear will turn to faith, despair will turn to hope and that survival will turn to revival.

Today, you and I can pray and believe this because Christ is risen, He has overcome death, He is alive and with us today by His Spirit. Hallelujah, hallelujah and Amen!