“My house will be a house of prayer.”  [Matt 21:13]   
“If my people…..will humble themselves and pray……”  [2 Chron 7:14]

Some months ago, as the virus took hold in northern Italy, someone we know was watching the TV news and silently they asked the question:  ‘Lord, how much longer is this going to last?’  The response they received was: “You are not on your knees yet.”   
This could be a reference to society, to the economy etc., that, bad as things were then, they had not yet reached breaking point.  It could also mean: “Church, you are not on your knees yet, humbling yourselves, seeking My face, seeking Me above all else.” 
We have written above about a season of convergence, confluence and alignment.  As with so many other things in the Kingdom of God, this starts with prayer, with us on our knees. 
When the pandemic first erupted there was a huge wave of prayer across the world, focussed on the virus and its effects, protection of our vital services, wisdom for our Governments etc.  This peaked around Pentecost then levelled off and since then has reduced somewhat. 
Recently there has been an increasing sense that we are entering a new season of prayer which may well last until the end of the year and beyond.  But, as described above, this season will have a different focus.  It is a season for watching, listening and preparing.
A couple of months ago we started to consider a day of prayer for the nation around the end of September.  The idea was shared with some leaders around the nation and there was a positive response.  However as we prayed into it more we found we had to press the ‘pause’ button on that idea and we are now clear that what was originally envisioned is not for now, but for later. 
Now is a time for listening to what He wants to say to us………a time of ‘waiting on God’, with patience and perseverance.   This may include times of repentance, either personal, or for the state of the nation, or even of the church - the parts that have 'compromised with the world'.   We suggest that at this stage we do not ‘pray for’ anything – that will come later – we wait, watch and listen.
Our sense is that our role at this stage is to be a 'catalyst', to circulate what we believe God is saying and to leave it to you to respond as you are led.  This is between each of us individually and God.  We therefore do not feel it is appropriate to arrange a programme or produce a long list of prayer points.  We believe that will come later - that there will indeed be a time of 'organising' a day of prayer for the nation with many taking part throughout the day – but not yet. 
We are also not setting a specific day but we suggest that, for those who wish to and are able to, you consider starting this season of 'humbling ourselves and seeking His face' around the end of this month, over the weekend Friday 25th to Monday 28th September, then continue it as you are able to.

If the Lord gives you any direction or revelation, we would love to hear from you.

Alistair Barton is the Director of Pray for Scotland.