On Saturday we took this theme for our prayer time. At a time when many were beating themselves into a frenzy to get their god to answer, Elijah built an altar to the Lord before drowning it in water at a time when the country was three years into a drought and then calling on the Lord.

Our meeting happened in the midst of a number of national prayer initiatives called by various Churches, EA and others. There was a real sense of the Spirit leading as we prayed about the ongoing issues around the Covid pandemic, giving thanks for the potential vaccine as well as recognising the Lord’s shaking through all of this.

We prayed for the UK Government for wisdom both in its Brexit dealings and the outstanding issues as they affect all of us in all four home nations as well as its response to Covid balancing the needs of business, NHS and individuals.

We also lifted up the USA as it outworks the Presidential and other elections not least in light of the many words given about the outcome, for God’s shalom.

Mozambique, with its problems with ISIS; Turkey and its role between Europe and the Middle East and increased persecution of Christians; Belarus and the protests following their presidential election as well as ongoing persecution for believers; and Kyrgyzstan and the forthcoming presidential election in January, the protests following its parliamentary elections as well as the work of Operation Christmas child there, were the other nations we prayed for.

Finally our hearts were lifted as we worshipped through the hymns How Great Thou Art and Amazing Grace – probably as you have never heard them before! 

Join us for our next Prayershift which will be on Saturday 12th December.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The WPC Team