“You will hear of wars and rumours of wars.  See that you are not troubled”.  Matthew 24:6


For many of us in the West it can be easy to focus on our own problems – real though they may be – and for the rest of the world to grow strangely dim.  This article is intended to aid your prayer and preparedness not to be doom and gloom!

According  to the Wars in the World website as of 4th November 2020, 844 militias/guerrilla groups or terrorist/separatist/anarchic groups are involved in conflicts or wars in 69 countries. This figure includes all the different splinter groups/factions who may collaborate to some degree to achieve their ends – be it independence or overthrow of the existing regime. 45 autonomous regions or provinces around the world are struggling for independence. A number of these situations involve Islamic groups. 

Maplecroft monitors civil unrest around the world. In 2020, (the latest figures on its website) it reported a dramatic surge in protests in 2019 involving one quarter of the countries around the world sending unprepared governments across all continents reeling. Countries as diverse as Hong Kong, Chile, Nigeria, Sudan, Haiti and Lebanon all saw a significant rise in protests in 2019.

Many presidential elections in 2020 have led to protests including Belarus, Georgia, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Kyrgyzstan and USA.

Business Insider includes Syria, Yemen, Libya, India, Burundi, Bangladesh, Mexico, Myanmar, Gaza strip and West Bank, Nigeria, Venezuela and France in its top 16 countries with the most civil unrest or rise of civil unrest. 

The implications of all this are frequently human rights violations including arbitrary arrests and use of indiscriminate violence further radicalising protesters and increased violence in turn leading to economic problems.

Many of the countries named also see persecution of Christians – as Jesus predicted in Matthew 24:9

“Then you will be arrested, persecuted and killed. You will be hated all over the world because you are my followers”.


BUT GOD. David uses this phrase a number of times in the Psalms when he is troubled including Psalm 73:26

“My flesh and my heart may fail, BUT GOD, is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”


As we consider the international situation and pray for God’s kingdom to come and His will to be done, let us be reassured in our hearts that God is our strength and portion for all His people forever.  As we see his end time plan unfolding, see that we are not troubled but it is a great priviledge to be part of the largest prayer army in these times to pray for his will to come to pass.

Alex Elphinston is a trustee and volunteer at the World Prayer Centre.