First time into a live stream, we felt that we should be standing alongside our sisters and brothers of colour, as they gathered in Parliament Square in Westminster on Friday afternoon, to kneel and petition the Government for the eradication of racial injustice.

With a strong sense of God calling us to form a Canopy of worship and prayer, we stood – socially distanced – in The Prayer Room and online and began to worship and pray. A red sash was worn symbolically over a heart, made from a flag from one of the nations, symbolising the blood of Jesus, and as we welcomed those online, we began to lift high the Name of Jesus over Westminster.

Being a totally new departure for us, but one of profound depth of the love of God and heights of His  love and grace, we used scripture introduced by members of the WPC Team (on Zoom) and proclamation of His Lordship lifting high His Name and welcoming Him into the centre of our midst. As we built a throne for Him with our voices, there was a prophetic sense of everyone from all streams coming together in unity under the banner of Jesus.

In standing together in unity, we believe that God commands a blessing of life forevermore to flow from Him (Psalm 133) and we believe that we will see answers to prayer concerning this petition, presented to Parliament on Friday 3 July 2020. Now we need to persist in prayer, like Jesus talked about the persistent widow, to see this change.

We were humbled by the sense of the Lord’s presence as we offered ourselves as living sacrifices in worship and believe that we established a canopy of worship over Parliament Square for such a time as was needed. There is more to be achieved as we pray forwards ahead of this momentous day.

Laurence Sharman is the Executive Director of the World Prayer Centre and he is a worship leader.

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