Every year, a call to prayer goes out to pray about the abortion issue on 27th October.  As the abortion agenda is being pushed through in our nations, there is even more of a need to pray for the unborn children who will not reach their God-given potential.

Here's some points for prayer from Susie Molina at Centre for Bio-ethical Reform UK

  • Legalised national bloodshed: Since 1967, around 9,500,000 unborn babies have been killed by abortion in the UK. Every three minutes, a precious human life created in the image of God is destroyed. Our nation continues to have one of the most liberal abortion laws in Europe.
    Please pray for the UK church to rise up, make her voice heard and speak up for the lives of our youngest ones. Cry out that the church will have God’s heart on this issue, for deep repentance, and a compassionate, decisive move to stop this evil from spreading further in our land. Pray that the seeds we sow will be seeds of life and not death. Psalm 106: 37-40 / 2 Chronicles 7:13-14

  • “DIY” home abortions: As part of the covid-19 policy implemented in March 2020, the UK government (after hastily announcing and then renouncing this change) legalised “pills by post” abortion services in England and Wales. Since then, abortion figures have risen by 3.8% between January and June (compared to 2019). 2 women have died after taking home abortion pills. Healthcare professionals are increasingly raising the alarm regarding severe, elevated dangers to pregnant mothers who opt to face the gruesome process of “medical” abortion at home, often all by themselves. There is a push to also legalise at-home killing of unborn babies in Northern Ireland. The Scottish Government has launched a public consultation on whether the temporary measure of allowing DIY abortions should be extended beyond the current pandemic. Abortion providers along with their supporters in the political ranks (and backed by large organisations such as the RCOG, RCM and the BMA) have made the most of the current COVID crisis by pushing this dangerous legislation through in a rush and are doing their utmost to keep this in place long-term.
    Please pray for boldness and courage for pro-life politicians to oppose the long-term practice of home abortions, and for those generally “on the fence” on the issue to awaken to the humanity of unborn babies at any stage of development. Intercede for those working for abortion providers and within the NHS involved with abortions, that God would bring awakening, deep conviction and a change of heart and mind, to work to save lives instead of destroying them. Proverbs 31:8-9

  • Critical decision time for the USA: The US presidential elections are fast approaching (3rd Nov. 2020). The end result will have far reaching consequences for abortion legislation and practice far beyond US borders!
    Please pray for God to make way for the president of His choosing to be elected, for Roe vs. Wade to be uprooted and for the US to become a shining beacon of light in the earth for the sanctity and protection of human life from conception. Malachi 4:6

Susie Molina, CBR UK