Our last global prayer watch on Saturday 10th July was an amazing time where we prayed into the nation of Japan and the Olympics and also about marriage and the family.

Blessing was prayed over Italy in advance of Sunday’s European Championship Final including the two Christian players from England team.

Ian shared a brief report on the G7 World Leaders Conference in Cornwall and the four days of 08.00 to 20.00 hours of prayer with people joining on Zoom from around the world to pray for the world leaders during this event.  The declaration was read out regarding the foreign aid policy made at the G7 to remain at the previous level rather than the lower level announced by Boris Johnson.

Thanks were given to God, that the proposed amendment to the abortion issue had been thrown out.

Laurence read Psalm 7:17.

The following declarations were read out in relation to Marriage and the Family before praying into these issues in breakout groups:

We believe and declare the truth, that it is God’s intention, for our good, that in marriage, a man should leave his parents and be reunited to his wife, that the two should become one flesh.  That what God has joined together, no-one should separate.  We believe that marriage between husband and wife mirrors the mystery of Jesus’ relationship with His church.

We believe and declare the truth, in the face of all lies and opposition, that God’s plan and purpose is for us to live in families, with children being brought up in the love and knowledge of God’s word.  We believe it is God’s intention for His church to care for the fatherless, the widow, and the orphan to include the lonely as part of His family.  This is the Truth.

Prayers for Japan and the Olympics were led by Jane Holloway after an interview with Marty Woods who is based in Japan and involved in the Olympics.


Join us for our next global prayer watch will be Saturday 11th September.