Since the beginning of November 2019, fires have been raging across Australia.  Record-breaking temperatures and months of drought have fuelled a series of bushfires that have spread across the country.  The worst affected areas are New South Wales and Victoria.

‘Pray for Australia’ has been trending on social media as people are touched by the images we see on the media.  We have been encouraging people to pray for Australia on the WPC Virtual house of prayer Facebook group since 21 December 2019. On New Year’s Day, we ask people to intercede and pray for rain as the situation worsened. Last weekend, some rain has fallen – Praise the Lord for answering our prayers! Only God can turn the situation around for Australia. It has enabled some to return home and for supplies to get to other areas but high temperatures are expected this week and further fires.

As we watch and pray, we ask “What is the Lord saying in all this?” All we know is that He is a God that answers prayer.  So, we want to call Christians to continue to press in for Australia to see God do a miracle.

At least 24 people have so far been killed - including three volunteer firefighters - and more than 6.3 million hectares (63,000 sq km or 15.6 million acres) of bush, forest and parks have been burned.  Many animals have been trapped and killed in the fires.

So, we pray for more rain, for fires to die down, for no more loss of life and for God to do something miraculous through this whole situation.

Here’s a declaration from Passion for the Nation:


As the fires continue across Australia and as a state of emergency is called, we lift up all those who have lost homes, loved ones or livelihoods, and we speak God’s comfort, provision and healing to them, in the Name of Jesus.

We come into agreement with God’s word in James 1:5, ‘if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to Him,’ and we cry out that all those involved in decision making at this time, in particular the Prime Minster, State Governors, and Emergency Service personnel, will seek God’s face, that His wisdom and His guidance will lead at this time. We speak protection over all those practically involved upon the land, that God’s protection, strength and supernatural wisdom will surround them and keep them.

Now, we praise You Lord, for the prophetic voices, intercessory movements, worship centres and Churches across Australia. We declare God’s people will enter His Presence, to hear His Voice and understand His ways in great measure, that they will act and pray in agreement with Heaven and each other, that at this time of national crisis, God’s Ecclesia across Australia will arise, ruling and reigning in the Spiritual realm. We declare this is the time for divine turnarounds across that nation, God’s love and His kindness break out upon the land, the fires cease, the winds be quiet, and the people turn to their God.

Suzanne Ferrett

Read more information on the bushfires from the Australian Prayer Network.