My Dear Brothers & Sisters with All Over the World, our WPC Prayer Friends  & Team

Greetings from Nepal.

Please pray for our country Nepal. In our country, the cases of corona is growing rapidly, so please pray so that cases can be under control. Pray for the people who are the victims of corona. So that they might get healed & pray for those who have lost their family members.      

In Nepal, due to corona, many people are committing suicide.  They do not have money to eat food and feed their family members. Pray that needy people may get help and can fulfil their needs.

The children are unable to go to school and Nepal Government has started online classes in these days, but many of the students are so poor and staying in such far villages. They don’t have communication by smart phones, television, internet and computers. Pray for those students who are unable to get proper education.

Many people are jobless and unable to fulfil their needs and their family needs. Pray for those people, so that they can get proper job.

Prayer for Churches and Christianity in Nepal

Please pray for Nepalese Churches and our all Nepalese believers, Pastors and all Leaders. Today is 89 days (3 month) lockdown in Nepal.  Now little is loose due to lockdown in Nepal.

Please pray for our small Church “PRASANSHA DEEP CHURCH“, Pokhara, Nepal. Pokhara is a one Tourism Centre of Nepal and so many beautiful things of God’s creation in our city. So many tourist come to visit Pokhara, Nepal. In this city, our church has been running since 2001 (20 Years). Our Church has it’s own very small land and a small Church building at present, but this is not enough land for coming days and years so we need to extend and build our Church. Now, our Church neighbours are selling their land. This is so essential for our Church. Please prayer for that land, that it will be provide from God for HIS GLORY for future.


THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS. God bless you and your family and your ministries.

Brother Ram