The UK is hosting the G7 in June this year (June 11-13.) It is being held in Carbis Bay, near St (Saint) Ives, Cornwall, South West England.

Cornwall is a very historic part of the British Isles with a long history in pagan worship, occult activity which is still active today. However Cornwall is also a county with a lot of spiritual heritage from the time of the Celtic saints (why are so many places named St...?) through to John Wesley, William Haslam & Billy Bray. Today it is home to a number of houses of prayer & healing as part of a countywide prayer initiative and a number of mission centred churches. It is also a county of outstanding natural beauty with world renowned beaches and historic communities. In the 18th century, Cornwall was the premier tin mining field in the world.    

Leaders from France, Germany, Italy, Japan, USA, UK and Canada, head of the EU, India, South Korea, and Australia will attend the G7. They will bring their teams including advisors and security personnel. There will be a large media presence. These countries represent 2.3 billion people and have great influence in the rest of the world.

This is the first time leaders have physically met for 2 years with other G7 meetings on Finance, Health, Trade, Technology, Foreign Affairs and development taking place across the UK throughout the year.

This will be the first global summit for President Joe Biden, the last for Chancellor Merkel and the first physical gathering since Brexit.

The G7 agenda set by Boris Johnson includes research into speeding up of new vaccines, united efforts in rebuilding economies following Covid. Nations response to climate change.

Championing global shared values. They may also include children’s education in the developing world.


Who will be attending the G7?

Boris Johnson              Prime Minister of United Kingdom will be the host

Justin Trudeau             Prime Minister Canada

Emmanuel Macron     President of France

Angela Merkel             Chancellor of Germany

Mario Draghi               Prime Minister of Italy

Yoshihide Suga            Prime Minister of Japan

Joe Biden                    President of America

Ursula von der Leyon  President of The European Commission

Charles Michel            President of The European Council

Scott Morrison            Prime Minister of Australia

Chung Sye-kyun          Prime Minister of South Korea

Narendra Modi           Prime Minister of India


Join with WPC as we pray during the 3 days of the G7 Summit.  We will be hosting a Prayer Summit - praying for the following times on Zoom. Find out how you can get involved and also for our social media campaign to pray for each G7 nation from 31 May - 11 June.

Our call to the Body of Christ worldwide.

  • When and wherever the Kings of the earth gather it has been our practise – as World Prayer Centre working with other partners - over a number of years to declare the Sovereignty of God, the Lordship of Christ Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit over the leaders and the nations they represent. The Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy (1 Timothy 1-2) urging him to ‘pray with petitions, intercession and thanksgiving for all people- for Kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all Godliness and Holiness.’
  • Already prayer is taking place in the geographical area and in the actual place they will meet. We know that wherever those with power meet, ‘other powers’ will endeavour to affect the atmosphere and agenda.
  • As a team here at World Prayer Centre we felt that as the leaders gathered we should ‘in the opposite spirit of the world’ over the three days, declare the truths from God’s word concerning the Sovereignty of God, The Lordship of Christ Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit and speak blessing over those attending, their families and their nations.


We trust you will find the following scripture references helpful:


The Sovereignty of God

  • Psalm 47.  | Psalm 24. | 1 Chronicles 16. 23-36. | 1 Chronicles 29. 10-13.
  • Acts 17. 24-28. | Romans 11. 33-36. | Revelation 4. 2-11.


The Lordship of Christ Jesus

  • Isaiah 9. 6-7. | Acts 2.32-36. | Ephesians 1. 3-10. | Ephesians 1. 15 23.
  • Philippians 2. 5-11. | Colossians 1. 15-20.


The work of the Holy Spirit

  • Genesis 1.1. 
  • Isaiah 61. 1-3.  
  • Zechariah 4.6.  
  • John 16. 12-15.  
  • Acts 2. 17-21.
  • Romans 8. 26-27.  
  • Galatians 5. 22-26.


Please feel free to pray through these scriptures at any time over the three days of the conference or you may wish to use a group on a specific day. 

Together in humility and unity we shall declare over the nations and leaders of the nations the truths from the word of God, pray that His will be done in the decisions they make and with great joy speak God’s blessing over them and those they love.

Thank you for being part of this Global prayer call.


Ian Cole and World Prayer Centre Team, Birmingham, UK


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