Dear Praying People,

In a recent gathering of some national leaders, God spoke to us quite clearly of a day to humble ourselves in a public place. God’s call was for us to be in Parliament Square, London and this has been warmly welcomed by many.

His call is for us to HUMBLE ourselves, as ordained by the Lord in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

This well-known scripture contains OUR part and GOD’S part, and it is clearly to be ‘My people’. Our part is to humble ourselves and pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways; His part is to hear from heaven, bring blessings and heal our land.

The nations of the British Isles need to hear the voice of God through His Church as we are all aware how much our deeply divided land needs that restoration!!

We can confirm that we have been given authority from the Greater London Authority to meet on Friday 6th December at 11.45 in Parliament Square; at 12 noon we will kneel silently before Him for half an hour, until 12.30, when we will then get up and leave. There will be no names, speakers, personalities or music, simply humbling ourselves as one body before Him and bringing our confession and prayers before our Holy God. Four banners will be on display so that those passing by can see and understand what is happening. (Please see below)

Please come and join us if you are able to, in order to demonstrate our contrite hearts as one body before Him, remembering that so many of His holy laws have been trashed in recent years. The election is close, and He is wanting to reinstall the destiny of the British Isles as well as opening the door for our redemptive calling to be fulfilled. He has said that this is a small key to open to open a large door of opportunity for His Church and the nation.


We have no desire to put our names to this as we feel this has to be His call to you, will you come?

Ask of Him if you can be a part of what He is doing with His body, the Church on 6th December.


Words on the banner:

We, as part of the Christian Church, are here today to

humble ourselves before Almighty God, and to ask that

He forgive us for not being the voice He has

asked us to be. For this we are truly sorry.


For more information visit Prayer Warriors International.