Since March 24th we have been hosting a live hour of worship and prayer each evening from 8.30pm-9.30pm which we have been streaming live from our living room! We felt inspired by 2 Samuel 6:11, where Obed-Edom hosted the Ark of the covenant in his house for three months and the Lord blessed him and his entire household. During this time we feel that it is so important to host the presence of God in our own homes, and by doing this ourselves live we have reached over 105,000 households globally and growing daily, and have created an online community where we have seen salvations, prodigals returning and have had many testimonies of miracles of healing where the doctors proclaimed no hope and of provision. 
We have also launched a new platform which enables people to receive personal prayer with members of our team during the live sessions, in addition to streaming on and We plan on continuing these sessions for the foreseeable future and are very excited to see how the Lord continues to move!