Guard the fortress; Watch the roads; Brace yourselves; Marshal all your strength!

This verse from Nahum 2:1 was our framework for July’s topic focussed Prayer Watch. We took the four words of guard, watch, brace and marshal to focus our prayers and our worship. Out of the opening sung worship using the words of the songs to pray that God would build His kingdom and change the atmosphere as a result of us gathering to seek His face and honour the King of kings.

We connected in with Japan1Million as we prayed for Japan during the Olympics and joined with others around the globe who are seeking to cover Japan (one of the world’s most unreached people groups) with 1 million hours of prayer for the nation. We prayed about loneliness, self-centredness, being habitually hard-working, not able to accept free gifts, having a high and shameful suicide rate and a race of people who struggle with self-worth and lack of meaning…….. ‘Lord hear our prayers…..’

Turning our attention to Nahum 2:1, we interspersed our prayers with sung worship – some in prayer form, some in abandoned worship, but above all exalting the Name of Jesus. We focussed our praying on guarding and watching – the sense of guarding and defending what God has put in place and recognising the times of battle that we live in, praying that God would help us stay focussed and keep vigilant. There is an onslaught on biblical values, now more than ever, the Body of Christ needs guarding and needs encouraging to stand on guard. We prayed spiritual strength for the United Kingdom – two words, united and kingdom of particular significance.

When you brace yourself, you are preparing for impact – and so we did! Readying the full armour of God – the belt, the breastplate, the peace shoes, the shield, the helmet and the sword.  All equally important and helping us to marshal our strength, intentionally taking stock of where each one of us is at and standing firm, loving the Lord our God with all our hearts and understanding more about the glorious riches of Christ Jesus and His incomparably great power at work in each one of us!

We know that God’s army is on the move – and who indeed can stop the Lord almighty? For our God is the Lion of Judah who is roaring in power and fighting our battles! One day every knee will bow before Him! Until that day, we keep encouraging one another and standing firm. Amen!