Prayer points from our last Prayershift February 2021


Current prayer information: Scotland February 2021

What is one key issue affecting Scottish young people? Huge mental health challenges linked to lockdown resulting in loneliness, suicide and huge impact on ongoing education.

What is one key issue connected to religious freedom in Scotland (and UK)? The whole issue of the proposed Conversion therapy ban (more details Christian Institute and Barnabas Fund for their Turning the Tide booklet). 2 Timothy 1.7 as a promise to pray from.

What would you say are key issues facing the church in Scotland? The Church needs to change. Disastrous decline in CoS; loss of OVER 50% in attendance in past 20 years and shortage of finance and personnel - talk of closure of many rural churches, leaving many villages with NO Christian witness of any sort.  Similar challenges in some other traditional denominations.  Pray for a move of the Holy Spirit across our nation.

What are two current political issues in Scotland? Pray into elections May 2021 - SNP dominance for over 13 years - continuing focus on Indy ref 2 - need strong opposition in government. Pray that ungodly laws will not be passed - 'hate crime' Bill, change of rules to make self-declaring one's gender easier -that God would bring about a 'turning' to His righteousness in Scottish parliament.



  • Pray for the economic development and the infrastructure of Nepal as a nation
  • The unstable political situation and for peaceful elections to be held in 2022.
  • There is much discrimination – in the caste system, among different races and gender discrimination. Different people groups are affected in many different ways.
  • There is a strong lobby demanding that Nepal become a Hindu nation which would remove all Christian festivals – a deep need for prayer for the Church in Nepal.
  • The Covid situation affects every person in the nation – hospitals are under-resourced and man-power is short.
  • Pray for other Christian organisations who are finding it hard to function because of Government intervention.



Crisis in government: Election this Spring. 

Crisis in unity: There is disrespect and regional antagonism both West to East and East to West. 

Crisis in leadership: Promotion of Left wing/Socialist agenda and a restriction on freedom of speech

Redefining hate crimes which will lead to the outlawing of the preaching of the Bible. 

Restriction on freedom of religion. Bill recently passed allowing the government to limit free speech on the internet. 

Demonization of the right. 

Crisis in infrastructure: Huge debt and useless Carbon tax penalizing citizens living in a frozen northern country. 

Green energy agenda. 

Using the pandemic to set the stage for The Great Reset. 

In the midst of all this we see the Church changing - Less brick and mortar, small groups meeting in homes, etc. … capturing the hearts of millennials


  • That Canada will be a country that honours and serves God.
  • That Canada will be a nation which demonstrates righteousness, justice, compassion and generosity
  • That the Holy Spirit will bring renewal across our land
  • That Canada will be a nation which fosters acceptance, forgiveness, sharing and working together for a better Canada
  • Pray for Canada's leadership in international relations and policy
  • Pray for the spiritual strength of the nation

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