Did you know that these three men Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Roberto Firmino have reached over 3.5 billion people with their social media influence in 2019 thats half of the people in the world!

This week, we ask you to pray for these three men and and for more social media influencers to come to faith and speak about their Christian faith In Jesus Name...

We are sensing that God is using influential celebrities and sports people, who have millions of followers on social media, to be unashamed about sharing their faith in Jesus Christ with their followers. God is really doing something exciting!

So, this year we want to pray regularly for these Christian influencers, and for salvation for many more in the media.

Here's some to pray for:

  • Jurgen Klopp - Liverpool football club Manager
  • Roberto Firmino - Liverpool player
  • Philippe Courtinho - Liverpool player
  • Daniel Sturridge - Liverpool player
  • Kanye West - Rapper & married to Kim Kardashian
  • Justin Bieber - Singer
  • Tom Hanks - Actor
  • Denzil Washington - Actor
  • David Luiz - Chelsea player
  • Raheem Sterling - Manchester City player
  • Stormzy - Rapper
  • Nicole Kidman 7 husband Keith Urban - Actor
  • Brad Pitt - Actor
  • Per Mertesacker - Arsenal footballer
  • Jane Fonda - Actor
  • Mark Wahlberg - Actor
  • Jackie Joyner-Kersee - Olympic athlete