In the middle of October, we held our annual houses of prayer gathering for three days. In past years this has been a vibrant and special connecting event at Beacon House of Prayer in Stoke on Trent. This time it was all online with over forty houses of prayer and related prayer ministries coming together for sharing and prayer. The gathering was entitled ‘Pursuing God’s High Calling’, as we felt the need to highlight the special place prayer ministries have in this time of shaking and crisis. Despite not being able to physically see and fellowship with each other, these three days were again really precious and strategic times. There is always a clear sense of walking together through the years of vision and development of these houses of prayer, and it was also encouraging to welcome a few more prayer leaders - some new ministries, some established but not connected into this stream before.

The teaching input was from a few HOP leaders, doing a great job of exploring the call to connect afresh with God, to discern the times, to the hidden place, to the ascended life, to pursuing our personal destinies, and to build the house of prayer. It was also a privilege having small teams leading worship from their prayer rooms around England. We threw people together into breakout groups for personal sharing and prophetic prayer, which ended being a highlight of the gathering. Of course, we majored on times of prayer, listening to the Lord, sharing insightful prophetic words, and lifting the church and the United Kingdom before the Lord. We realised afresh that, in this turbulent time, God is calling us to go deeper in intimacy and to come up higher in discerning his heart and will. Praying people are the airforce that God uses to clear the way for kingdom life to flow into communities and nation. Jesus is still our fascination and the Lord is still on his throne! 

William Porter, heads up the Beacon House of Prayer in Stoke on Trent.