With all that is going on around us in these days, socially, politically, nationally and globally, you may find it hard to read an article on peace; well try writing one!!  Between individuals, families, communities, and nations, peace appears to be a scarce commodity.

I suppose the first question to answer is, “What is peace?”  According to the dictionary, it is tranquillity, stillness, freedom from contention, calmness, freedom from violence and war.

So, what is the opposite of peace?  Well here are a few suggestions: disagreement, disunity, conflict, hostility, fighting, and contention.  Seen much of that lately?

At our World Prayer Centre conference earlier this year, Malcolm Duncan spoke about the difference between Peace Keepers and Peace Makers.  Peace keeperswork by the law, work to avoid conflict, work to protect, sometimes sacrificing truth for peace, and sometimes sacrificing others.  Peace makerswork out of relationship. Sacrificing themselves, journeying through conflict, and always seeking the truth.

As Christians we follow Jesus, the one who is called, ‘The Prince of Peace’.  He came to this world and despite conflict, despite hostility from religious people, despite being caught in a storm - He had peace.  Why?  Because His peace-making was accomplished through His relationship with and obedience to His Father.

At His birth the angels sang, “Peace on earth and goodwill to all men.”  When Jesus was preparing to go to the cross, He said these incredible words, “Peace I leave with you; My Peace I give to you.”   When He rose from the dead He met His disciples and His first words were, “Peace be with you.”

All over the world today people are experiencing the peace Jesus gives in their everyday lives, some in the most awful of places and in the most horrible of circumstances.  Why?  Because they came to Jesus and confessed the things wrong in their lives that robbed them of peace. Having confessed those things they then received the peace of forgiveness and acceptance with God that Jesus won for them at the cross.

Searching for peace? Take some time today to talk to Jesus about it; He is ready to listen.