When I first got involved in the ministry of prayer through an organisation called Pray for Revival and then the vision for a World Prayer Centre in the mid 1980’s and 90’s, prayer was not very high on people’s agenda.  I was even told by a Christian leader, “You pray and we will get on with the work.”

Looking around us today, we thank God that over recent years He has raised up around the world a great prayer army that continues to grow in nation after nation day by day.  Across the church the body of Christ, across the denominations and ministries and across the generations, Christians are living out the words of Jesus, “My house will be a house of prayer for all nations.”

The challenge for many of us in the number of calls to pray, the number of calls to fast, the number of events to attend even in these days via zoom, is not what to be involved in but what not to be involved in.

So as I write this invitation to the World Prayer Together GO PRAY event on 1st May, I am aware that other invitations will be coming your way all of which are so important in their own right. The reason I am joining others in putting out this invitation is that not only is it another call to prayer but it is a call to pray for a Global harvest of souls as the gospel is taken into unreached people groups in China, India, The Middle East and many other nations in the coming months.

On 1st May in conjunction with International Prayer Connect and the GO movement, a two hour prayer and worship meeting hosted by International House of Prayer Kansas and God TV and many other ministries from around the world will take place. Together we shall pray that in the coming days and weeks millions around the world will hear the good news of the gospel, many for the first time and become disciples Jesus.

In these incredible days of uncertainty, insecurity and fear for so many, let us come together and pray for a work of the Holy Spirit to bring certainty, security, faith, hope and life in Jesus, in every tribe and language and people and nation.

For more information go to our event page or www.worldprayertogether.com 


Ian Cole is the founder of the World Prayer Centre, Birmingham, U.K and networks globally in prayer.