We had a powerful time of worship and prayer on Saturday at our last Prayershift for 2019.

We saw God’s heart for Northern Ireland. Right now, the province has the opportunity of election hustings and discussions to show its firm opposition to the new abortion changes. As we prayed, we stood in the presence of the Lion of Judah and understood His anger at the unjust imposition of abortion. We heard His roar. It was like the roar Jesus would have made in the temple when he drove out the money lenders shouting “This is a House of prayer.” Then we looked at God’s heart for Ireland to be a place of fire, revival and gospel sending. This is intense spiritual warfare, crying for God’s rescue and restoration.


  • It is wonderful to have so many committed people join us from all over the country to pray. We represented 37 different constituencies.
  • One person told us how his brother prayed intensely for his prodigal daughter at our 2017 Trumpet Call and she came back to the Lord after three weeks.  So we encourage those of you with prodigals to keep praying!
  • We prayed for change in Bolivia on Saturday, the next day the president resigned. I am sure God had called many people to pray – and it changes nations! “and I will remove the sin of this land in a single day.” Zech. 3:9

Check back in the new year for new dates for our prayer gatherings.