Prayer Mobilisation continues:

Powered by prayer  Revival Christian Church in Enfield, North London, recently received an award for the ‘Best Community Initiative in North London’ in the Greater London Enterprise Awards, recognising the vast array of work they are engaged in within their community. About 80 volunteers spend their time mentoring young people, visiting care homes, supporting women and children in a local refuge – and more!  However, the practical work of the church is only possible because it is hugely powered by prayer!...... Since 2009, between 6 and 7am every day from Monday to Saturday, members of the church gather to pray for Enfield. They mapped out the streets of the area, praying over them, ‘claiming them for Jesus and anointing them’. When they got their own church building, they began a 7-8pm prayer slot too, then another one from 9-10pm, as well as a weekly slot for young people to gather and pray. Full story here

Prayer mobilisation: Prayer Watch Ireland 2020 is in the middle of 40 days of 24 hour worship and prayer. This is the third year of a seven year call for God’s people in Ireland to humble themselves, seek His face and unite in worship and prayer for our nation at this time (23 Sept-1 Nov). Leaders in Scotland are taking time to wait on the Lord in the position of readiness and listening for His next steps.  Prayer groups continue to watch and pray cover for Stormont Assembly, Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Westminster. The Connecting the Isles team (representing nations of the British Isles) meets bi monthly to pray together via zoom.  The UK Houses of Prayer network will augment its regular zoom connecting with an online gathering 12-14 October. 

Other organisations such as London Centre for Contemporary Christianity’s Prayer journeys; online day prayer retreats cf. The Well Christian Healing Centre ; silent prayer on zoom offered by  are just some of the resources available.

PrayerShieldUK: called by Pastor A Pastor Agu Irukwu of Redeemed Christian Church of God will see 365 leaders releasing daily prayers, scriptures and declarations launched on 1 October.

Pastor Jonathan Oloyede is calling for one million Christ-like believers for the King and His kingdom and is launching phase 3 of his vision  [email protected]


Wall of HOPE on the move – using prayer as the key to finding Jesus
Hope Together report ‘we were thrilled to see Worcester Cathedral’s new Wall of HOPE go up last weekend. Several cathedrals across the country are using this HOPE installation this year and, as local churches open for prayer, many are also providing HOPE Spaces. Find out more here or offer friends, family and colleagues, who are exploring faith, a link to our Virtual HOPE Space at


Jane Holloway is the National Prayer Director of the World Prayer Centre Birmingham.