I think we can all agree that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years that we have all gone through in recent history. We have been presented with many unexpected situations and have been required to pray in ways that we may not have encountered before. Our faith has grown and as we look into 2021, our hope grows as well... hope because we are a praying people, and hope because we know that prayer makes a significant difference.


The year also has been a time of change.  Change can be disruptive, but it can also create great opportunities. As a team at World Prayer Centre, we have been thinking and praying about our forward journey into 2021 and spending time seeking and listening to the Lord to get a clearer sense of His specific path for us. As we left Cornerstone House at the end of October, we felt that there were some important traits we needed to leave behind in order to move forward.  We were given a word at the beginning of 2020 which in many ways is helping us to shape how we move forward, and it has become a focal point for our praying in this latter part of this year.


Looking into 2021, we feel that the Lord wants us to strategically position ourselves for the start of the year, as we continue praying locally, nationally, globally and provide prayer resources to enable you to continue to pray and in an informed way. This positioning is very important for us and we still feel that the Lord wants to show us more. We particularly feel that He wants us to use the rhythm of our prayer watches in a fresh way and we would value your support and encouragement in seeing this move forward. We were reminded in the autumn of some very specific aspects of the WPC journey and the invaluable role that you, our devoted supporters have undertaken for very many years now. Going right back to the time when God gave Ian Cole the vision, right through the miraculous provision of office space to land being given, to where we have reached today. So, at this connection in the journey, I’d like to ask you if you would pray with us as we seek to see what a new pattern might look like? Would you encourage others to join in with the Zoom Prayershift and the Watch & Pray times as they take on new aspects, and please do feel at liberty to communicate with us if you sense a nudge from the Lord as you stand with us in prayer.


In all that we are, we want to be a people who understand more about what it means to behold His glory – to comprehend more about this incredible mystery, that the King of Heaven desires such an intimate relationship with each of us individually that He can commune and tabernacle with us in a very personal way. During this season of Advent and upcoming season of Hannukah, may we all be so aware of the light of Yeshua shining in our lives, that we can generously share with others, the miracle of the cruse of oil with only enough oil for one day, that burnt for 8 days continuously, showing the lavish love of Yahweh as He provided for and sustained His people – He is the same yesterday, today and forever. As we journey into 2021, may we have that same faith and hope in our loving heavenly Father who will always provide for our needs, is always there in all situations and will never leave us or forsake us.

We are planning on introducing a ‘Canopy of Prayer for Birmingham’ in the New Year. We don’t have the complete picture yet, but are getting strong indications that we should move ahead with working towards establishing continuous prayer for Birmingham. More details will come as they are revealed, but please pray with us in this as we feel this is a particularly important aspect of the rhythm of prayer within Birmingham.

I pray that you would know His Shalom each and every day.


Laurence Sharman is the Executive Director of the World Prayer Centre.