If you believe in the power prayer to change lives and situations, help us to equip more people to see the importance of prayer.

World Prayer Centre mobilises prayer for our nation and the world to see God bring transformation, but we can’t do it with the help of generous, passionate and dedicated supporters like you.

Get together with friends and family or take a personal challenge to support the work we do.

The only limit on what you do is your imagination. You can take part in an organised event like a run, or you can organise your own.

You can set up your own fundraising page and then invite your friends, family, and colleagues to support you.

Some fundraising ideas

Want to raise money to support WPC, but don’t know where to start? If this is your first time fundraising or you are a regular fundraiser, everyone needs a bit of inspiration sometimes.


Sports events – Run or walk a charity runs, walk or marathon to raise funds for WPC.

Fundraise in your community

Organise a treasure hunt – just a fun way to spend an evening (or afternoon), people have to go round the neighborhood to get clues. Charge a treasure hunt entry fee.
Come dine with WPC – four to six friends take it in turns to cook for the others – charge (say) £5 per person per meal
Quiz night – very popular if well prepared and charge an entry fee with a percentage going to WPC.
Promise auction – people donate their skills and talents (to cook a cake, paint a picture, rent their holiday home, etc.)
Sponsored event – a sponsored silence, abseil, run, shave, hop, wheelbarrow ride, etc.

Fundraise in your church

Coffee and prayer mornings – show our resources, use video, have coffee and pray. Ask for donations to aid our work.
A church bad taste day – everyone turns up to church with a bad taste item of clothing (an awful tie, scarf, hat – or just some of those clothes you have not worn for twenty years!). Each bad taste person puts £2 in a WPC pot.
Prayer breakfast – invite a WPC speaker to come and speak about prayer, and give a national perspective on what God is doing.
Games evening – play board games, eat cake and have fun.
Blessing cake tea – bake a blessing cake and invite all your friends round for blessing cake and a blessing prayer.