There has not been much in the UK media about what is happening in Bolivia.  They had elections on 20th October which have been proved to be fraudulent.

The existing President, Evo Morales, is refusing to hold a second election, despite being called to do so by other countries including Canada and the USA. Independent observers have agreed that the elections were rigged in Morales' favour.

A missionary contact from Bolivia adds:

"The anti-Morales protestors have blockaded roads in the main cities and Morales has threatened to starve them into submission and accepting his "win".  There are also groups of his supporters going around trying violently to unblock the roads.  There have already been serious injuries and before long there are certainly going to be deaths.  Bolivia is the poorest country in South America and Morales has done some good work in bringing down poverty levels and increasing literacy.  However, he is backed by the coca growers and there are increasing allegations of fraud, and the massive fires in the Bolivian rain forest (again not reported in the media here) were due to his allowing the burning of forests.  Power has gone to his head and he is turning into a dictator.   A couple of years ago he tried to ban any kind of evangelising in the country.  I was back in the UK in between my two visits to Bolivia and seriously did not think I could safely return.  Praise God pressure from his citizens made him step back from this and I went back."

Bolivia had an Uprising of Christian young people praying for the nation but the occult backlash was severe – there is a deep shaking and spiritual battle over Bolivia.

Let us keep praying for truth and righteousness in Bolivia.