An Invitation to Transforming our World through United Prayer and Mission!

The early church turned the world upside down when, following Jesus’ command, they stayed in Jerusalem and “joined constantly together in prayer”. This culture of united prayer enabled the believers to receive the empowering of the Holy Spirit and ignited remarkable spiritual breakthroughs as the Gospel began to spread throughout their world. This same pattern of prayer preceding evangelism has been a consistent pattern in all the great revivals and mission advances from then on through church history.

Now, tens of thousands of churches with hundreds of mission organizations and prayer movements are joining forces for an epic prayer and mission initiative unlike anything our world has known. The goal is to reach one billion who are still unreached by Christ’s Good News. Together, by May 2020, we aim to mobilize 100 million Christians to pray for those in their communities that do not know the Lord as well as those across the seas that are part of unreached people groups. No one organization or movement can accomplish such a staggering feat, but if we flow together like tributaries in one unstoppable river, this can be achieved! Getting God’s heart of love for the lost through prayer will lead to our sharing Jesus with them in the power and sensitivity of the Holy Spirit just as the early church experienced.

Would you please consider joining with us in such an awesome undertaking for His glory and so that everyone may hear? Together, as we pray, mobilize, and trust the One who has all power, we can see the following happen by the end of May 2020:

· One billion people being reached with the Gospel and millions upon millions getting saved all over the world through May 2020.

· Unreached people groups hearing the Gospel for the first time and planting new churches among them.

· 100 million Christians inspired and empowered by the Holy Spirit to pray and share the Gospel with as many as possible in their own communities and to the ends of the earth.

· 50 million new believers integrated into existing and new churches.

Action steps:

  1. Personal Prayer: Lord here I am, use me! I will pray for and share the Gospel with others who need to hear it.
  2. A suggested five-fold strategy to mobilize believers for prayer and outreach is described in this four-minute video. GO2020 video:  
  3. The brochures can also be used to give others the vision of Go 2020 (some translations and more resources are available at
  4. All through 2020, a series of 40-day prayer guides will help us pray daily for those still unreached and for the harvest to be brought in. Starting Jan 1st 2020, the February theme is on Unity and the River of God:

Download the GO2020 Global Daily Prayer Guides HERE

More info and sign up HERE 

John Robb, Chairman, International Prayer Council
& Go 2020 Prayer Mobilization Task Force