Our last Prayershift on 9th June was simply an awesome encounter with Jesus. Everything centred on time in His presence. A word was given that we are to put Jericho behind us and look forward to the ark of the covenant. It reminds us of God’s solemn covenant and his promises. We focus our sight on Jesus the true ark.  

Though we don’t see Him we are filled with inexpressible and glorious joy. 1 Peter 1:8,9


God reminded us of His promise in Isaiah 61 that He has given us garments of praise. Wearing these holy garments releases us to declare awesome truth to our nation and change the spiritual climate.

This was a special time to meet - Pentecost weekend and 70 years since the Hebrides revival. As we looked to Jesus we were inspired to pray for restoration, for His spirit to be poured out and His name glorified. We had a powerful time praying for God to move in Birmingham and restore its wells, and then we prayed for other places across the nation.

We were reminded that God told us to prepare the empty barns at Christmas but were told that now He is telling us to fill them. We are moving from sowing to harvest. Harvest is hard but glorious work. We are entering a new season which will reshape our worship and prayer.

We are seeing a deeper hunger for God, we are responding to this call of looking to Jesus, the ark of the covenant.  We are praying the prayer of Pentecost - more Lord. There is a deep sense of calling and togetherness as we gather.

Our next Prayershift is Saturday 13th July. We'd love you to come along to Betel Centre, Sherlock St, Birmingham.