In February 2020, Exodus Cry released an op-ed in the Washington Examiner titled “Time to Shut Pornhub Down.” It exposed how Pornhub, the “world’s largest porn site”, has been enabling and profiting from the rape, sex trafficking, and exploitation of women and minors

The article detailed how Pornhub, which operates like a YouTube for pornography, requires no verification of the age or consent of those featured in the videos being uploaded. As a result hundreds, potentially thousands, of cases of criminal content have been uploaded—and Pornhub makes an incredible profit through its 115 million daily site visitors who are viewing this content.

Incredibly, the very the day after our first op-ed on this was published, the BBC in the UK released the story of 14-year-old Rose Kalemba whose rape was hosted on Pornhub. They ignored her pleas to remove the video for six months, until she posed as a lawyer (see her story here).

Our op-ed went viral. People began asking us to create a petition to shut down this predatory site, so we did—and we named it Traffickinghub. In a little over 3 months, the petition has gained over 1 million signatures from signers in 192 countries

Thus, a global campaign to shut down Pornhub was born.

Our goal with this campaign is to shut Pornhub down, hold its executives accountable, and obtain justice for victims who are suffering serious trauma from videos of their abuse being broadcast to the world for Pornhub’s profit. 

Here are some campaign highlights:


-1 million+ signatures on our Traffickinghub petition with those signing from across 192 countries

-Governments in four countries (US, Canada, UK, and France) have called for an investigation into Pornhub 

-250+ news outlets in 35 countries covering the campaign story

-300+ highly respected anti-trafficking, women's rights, and child protection organizations have partnered and signed on in support 


This is only the beginning. We believe that the voice of compassionate people, together with the voices of victims around the world, will bring about a tremendous breakthrough in combatting the unfettered creation and distribution of malevolent pornography.

We continually look to the example of William Wilberforce who, during the time of the Methodist revival, led a movement in the UK to campaign for the abolition of the trans-atlantic slave trade. Through their years of tireless efforts, rooted in prayer and conviction before God, these abolitionists brought forth the overturning of institutionalized slavery. 

Exodus Cry was birthed out of a prayer meeting. We believe that God is inviting His people to arise and engage in this fight by calling upon Him for the inbreaking of justice, deliverance, and mercy.

Therefore, we are naming July 7 as an International Day of Prayer for the Shutting Down of Pornhub, deliverance from addiction, and the turning of hearts to Jesus. We are putting ourselves very much on the front line and running towards this Goliath and are aware of the crucial need for prayer cover at this time. We invite you to join with us on a special prayer call on Tuesday, July 7 at 11am PST (7pm UK time) led by Exodus Cry.

You and all your congregants are invited to join!

Considering the mature subject matter, we understand if this is not something you feel able to share publicly (on the weekly church email bulletin, etc.), but perhaps your men's and women's groups could be notified and invited. 

With stats revealing that 50% of men and 20% of women in the church struggle with porn addiction, we know that pornography is something that affects everyone in some way—it is likely that many struggling believers are visiting Pornhub or were exposed to pornography as a child by the online predator Pornhub.

We believe that the Body of Christ must take its place in the fight against this predatory platform and that we, as believers, must learn to effectively war against it.

We would love for churches, prayer groups, and believing individuals across the world to join together with us in prayer. If you would like to register for the global prayer call on Zoom, please register here.

We also invite you and your congregants to sign and share the petition at

And you can track with this unfolding campaign through our social channels: 

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @exoduscry

If you wish to sign in support of the campaign as a church, please do so here.

We are believing for a new wave of revival and reformation to come, and for the Goliath of pornography to fall.


Please stand with us! 


Exodus Cry and the Traffickinghub Campaign

P.s. In this three minute video clip our Director of Intervention Helen Taylor leads a prayer meeting for the shutting down of Pornhub and the inbreaking of justice. Her prayer for there to be one million petition signatures has already been answered and we believe that is a downpayment of the move of justice and reform that is yet to come.