UK Parliament approved changes to Northern Ireland’s abortion laws before going into the summer recess. These will come into force if Northern Ireland fails to restore the Stormont Government by 22 October. Northern Ireland has consistently voted against abortion but the UK parliament is forcing them into profound changes where their laws will be more liberal than on the mainland.  

Abortion will be available for any reason up to 28 weeks (it is 24 weeks in the rest of the UK because it has been demonstrated that life is a sustainable form that time). The abortion lobby is very vociferous about women’s rights and on the surface, it is a powerful argument but the attached article from Care shows that simple slogans cover up the damage these proposals will make.

This issue creates a whole range of challenges for Northern Ireland but it touches the rest of the UK as well. There will undoubtedly be calls to extend the abortion limit to 28 weeks. Lobby groups are looking to decriminalise abortion – which leaves no protection for the unborn child. Some are pushing for abortion up to birth (a similar argument is gathering traction in the US). Effectively this says an unborn baby has no rights, legal status or protection. It is clear the abortion battle is heating up. We need to pray and be informed. Please look at these useful articles by Care (one article in two parts). ;



  • Let us pray for Care, give them wisdom and protect them as they stand on the front line.
  • Pray for Northern Ireland politicians as they address this issue – we pray these abortion changes do not come into place.
  • Pray against the 28-week limit coming into the rest of the UK – Lord have mercy.
  • Forgive us, Lord, that so many children continue to be aborted in the UK.