Our last Prayershift gathering on 25th November was a very remarkable gathering. So, what’s on God’s heart? These are four key things He challenged us to pray into:

  • Jeremiah 32 – Jeremiah has been faithful for 23 years but it seems like an uphill struggle and the nation is not responding and in great danger. He declares “Nothing is too hard for you.”
  • We challenged some of the lies the enemy has put forward.  Nothing is incurable! As God’s people pray resources are released! God honours His promises. It is time to shake off the constraints the enemy puts on us as we pray. 
  • We are fast approaching a new decade – as we prayed this simple but powerful word was released - “Behold is the word for the decade.” This speaks of God’s intentions for the years ahead.  As we enter 2020, we are praying we will behold His glory.
  • We are living in a time of lies and distortions and we prayed for God’s truth to continue to break out in the General Election.  This included prayers over anti-Semitism, which exploded to the front of the papers only hours later.

Join us for our next Saturday prayer gathering on Saturday 11th January.  More details to follow soon.