Our friends Carl & Rebekah Brettle have the vision to see the 260,000 streets in the UK covered in prayer.  They want to see Christians taking spiritual responsibility for the street they live on.  

They say:

"We want to see every street in the UK covered in Christian prayer. We hope to encourage as many Christians as possible to not only pray, but get to know their neighbours. We live in times where with the click of a mouse, we can communicate halfway around the World, and yet most of us do not know our neighbours living on our own street.

Most of our streets have people who suffer from loneliness or social exclusion; there are estimated to be 1.7 million housebound people in the UK who rarely see a relative or friend. Loneliness is an epidemic across generations, whether it is single parents, people who have suffered a relationship breakdown, or even children. We believe prayer combined with Christians following the teachings of Jesus and loving their immediate neighbours, could transform our nation and help end this epidemic of loneliness."

Working with Churches to PRAY for, CARE for and SHARE Faith with Neighbours.   What about your street?  Sign up today by clicking here.  5,600+ people have joined in so far.

You can also join their new Facebook group and they have some great resources available on their website to help you pray for your neighbours.