Our last Prayershift on May 11th was a great opportunity to hear how God is moving in our nation at the moment. We reported on an astounding Passion Play in Birmingham in Holy week with thousands on the streets seeing the powerful Easter story culminating in the life-changing resurrection. Spring Harvest focused on prayer and many reported on the power of God in each venue with thousands inspired to pray more. We had three main prayer themes blended with powerful praise and worship. 


  • Truth– we are in a time of untruths, half-truths, and outright lies. Isaiah 45:19 declares “I the Lord speak the truth: I declare what is right.” But how do people accept God’s truth when so much else is false? Truth is counter-cultural, it brings release and reassurance. This month we are praying for truth in our lives, in our politics, and in the media.
  • A Birmingham House of prayer– WPC is moving into a significant new chapter as a House of prayer. This is a city with a large increase in knife and gun crime, it is seen as the UK’s terrorism centre and has a rapid growth in children’s mental health issues and struggling families. The city needs regular prayer. Our goal is to work in partnership, inspiring prayer for the whole city and all our neighbourhoods. It will also be a national and international House of Prayer praying for revival to break out. God is reminding us to pray with perseverance standing on his promises.
  • Pray for the United Kingdom– Brexit can take away our will to live, let alone pray! But these are important and dangerous times for our nation and we need to continue to watch issues like the European referendum, the future of the Prime minister, and the current political vacuum. Alongside this, we have millions of Muslims in this country praying to draw near to God during the current Ramadan period. Hear God’s words on Isaiah to the watchmen – “You who call on the Lord – give yourselves no rest!”


Our next Prayershift is on June 8th. Join us for a special Pentecost weekend to pray for God to pour out His spirit on you, your family, your neighbourhood and our nation.