From our friends at Transformation Ireland


We need our Assembly Executive to come together again and start working together. Our Assembly has not been functioning now since January 2017.

The Northern Ireland Executive Formation Act 2019 is a Bill with good contained within it, but also not so good. If our executive do not set up again by the 21st October, this Bill will enforce same-sex marriage and change our abortion laws to the most extreme in the UK and Ireland, even though the people of NI have continually voted to keep our abortion laws as they are. In fact, there will be no law in place for some time so this is an open door for abortion on demand for any reason up to 28 weeks and performed anywhere. All this will happen without consulting the people in Northern Ireland – in fact, in Parliament, specific assurances were sought of the Secretary of State that the NI public is not consulted.

Also related to governance:

Health and Education are areas also affected - Hospital waiting lists in NI are many times that of those in the rest of the UK. Schools and Colleges are struggling financially – many schools find they are having parents supply materials. 

Many roads and infrastructure are in a poor state of repair.



Although we have enjoyed comparative peace for a number of years, we are presently seeing growing unrest in many areas, set against a general background of frustration with our political representatives.  Apparently, there are almost daily attempts on the lives of our police force by dissident republicans, and there are tensions in both communities.  We are in a situation presently very similar to the time just before the trouble broke out in 1969.