We would so value your continued prayers for Ian after several x-rays, MRI Scan, it was found that he has a tumour in the bladder and also issues where a biopsy is needed on his prostate too.

#Pray4Ian Facebook Group

We have created a closed Facebook group for people who would like to commit to pray for Ian and Pauline and their family.  We will post updates and prayer points on this group. Feel free to post your prayers and any insights, scriptures or Words you may have for them.

Prayer points

21st August 2021:
We have been very grateful and humbled by all the prayers and support of so many family and friends over recent months. We are grateful to our Heavenly Father that although there were moments when we wondered where He was, there was never a second when He did not know where we were.
Following my latest visit to hospital for another procedure under anaesthetic, I have received a copy of a letter sent to my doctor from my consultant. It reads, “Cystoscopy and biopsy of red patch in bladder- no cancer found.” “Recent PSA was undetectable.”
We give thanks to God for His mercy and faithfulness and wait to hear how they are going to protect the bladder and deal with the prostate and remove the catheter.
So, thank you again for your prayers, we continue in our faith and belief that we worship and serve a prayer answering God both in the humanly positive circumstances and in the times when we journey with the truth that, “His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts.”
We pray that for you the truth that Jesus is the way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness will be a reality today.
Thank you
With much love
Ian and Pauline.