We would so value your prayers for Ian at this time; after several x-rays, MRI Scan, it was found that he has a tumour in the bladder and also issues where a biopsy is needed on his prostate too.

#Pray4Ian Facebook Group

We have created a closed Facebook group for people who would like to commit to pray for Ian and Pauline and their family.  We will post updates and prayer points on this group. Feel free to post your prayers and any insights, scriptures or Words you may have for them.

Prayer points

24th June 2021:
Had another visit to Heartlnds hospital yesterday (23 June) for a cystoscopy.
In the words of the consultant there were no lumps and bumps that could be seen on the equipment they were using. They will now follow this up some time in the future with a further cystoscopy under anaesthetic just to ensure it is clear. I continue to have three monthly injections that are keeping the prostate issues under control. So we continue to declare ‘I am healed and being healed’.
Thank you again for your prayers and support. We praise God that by His grace we can continue to be involved in the life and ministry of World Prayer Centre continuing to see all that God is doing across the world as the body of Christ come together in prayer and unity to see His kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven.
Blessings galore
Ian and Pauline.