We would so value your prayers for Ian at this time; after several x-rays, MRI Scan, it was found that he has a tumour in the bladder and also issues where a biopsy is needed on his prostate too.

This has come as a total shock to us as Ian has not felt ill and during the lockdown. After his last procedure, the consultant called for an ambulance and Ian was admitted to another hospital for observation overnight.  His consultant has said that he will receive a date for surgery in the next two weeks; hopefully, they will do the biopsy at the same time.  Please pray that the surgery will come through sooner rather than later and for complete healing for Ian.

This has been an emotional roller-coaster for the Cole family, but they know they are in God's hands and there is no safer place to be.

#Pray4Ian Facebook Group

We have created a closed Facebook group for people who would like to commit to pray for Ian and Pauline and their family.  We will post updates and prayer points on this group. Feel free to post your prayers and any insights, scriptures or Words you may have for them.

Prayer points

Thank you for your prayers.  Ian had his operation on 10th September and was back home on 11th September.  He has recovered really well and even made an appearance on our Prayershift gathering on 13th!

Continue to pray for complete healing and the results of the biopsy on the prostrate.

God bless