How to pray for others

It is important to pray for ourselves, but we all know people who are going through situations that need prayer. We have families and friends that may need a miracle or a little help from the Lord now and again.

Praying for others to know Jesus is one of the most powerful things we can do. Persistent prayer for others brings transformation to their lives.

Thy Kingdom Come has an initiative to Pray for 5 people you know.  Find out how.

United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) Word for Today has daily readings based on Scripture, articles, and things to pray about, the UCB Word For Today is designed to help you get into the habit of spending time with God every day and helps you to pray for others and issues.

Prayer is not just about sitting in a church or your room and speaking to God.  You can also pray on the move!

Why not embark on prayer walks amid the coronavirus lockdown, being attentive to God's presence as you walk, seeing His heart for those in your community and listening to His Spirit.

The Evangelical Alliance UK has produced a great resource to help you 'Pray and Walk".  Download it here.