Welcome to your journey with prayer!

"You are joining with a growing numbers of Christians who are beginning to understand what an important role prayer can play in our daily lives.

Prayer is essentially relationship with God, and this relationship is at the heart of the Christian faith.  The God that created all that we see in our universe wants you to regular talk to him!  All relationships have to be worked at in order to survive.  It's the same with our relationship with God.  Prayer is just a conversation with God.  He wants us to talk and listen, and allow our lives to touch his.  We can talk using words.  We can communicate in silence, just as we would with a smile, a hug or a kiss. " 

Jane Holloway - Prayer for Beginners 

If you find it difficult to grasp the idea of God wanting us to pray, you are not alone.  Jesus' disciples took a while to get the idea but as they watched Jesus they realised that they were missing something.  Jesus had a very close relationship with God... and so can you.

Here's some ways to help you get started: