In 2018, we ran our new #Unashamed social media campaign.  We had over 30,000 views on social media in a week.  We will be running the campaign again in 2019. So how can you get involved?

Are you ashamed of the Gospel?  This campaign is to encourage people to be unashamed of the Gospel and to speak out and share about their faith. This was one of the key themes which came out of our last Trumpet Call event at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham.

During #Unashamed week, we release a daily video at 9 am using the hashtag #unashamed on social media from a number of key Christian leaders. We encourage people to share their own short video about why they are not ashamed of the Gospel and their tips for reaching out to those around us. 

How you can get involved

We’d love it if you could share this important message. It's simple...

  1. Retweet and share our posts and videos during the Unashamed week.
  2. Post a short video on social media about why you are unashamed of the Gospel or highlight a resource, prayer or tip using #Unashamed.
  3. Let us know of any articles or resources that we can feature below concerning being unashamed of the Gospel and how to share the gospel. i.e. Talking Jesus resources.

If you have any questions or want to send resources info, email Natasha Ruddock on [email protected]