At the World Prayer Centre… we pray. We also encourage people to pray and we connect people in prayer and gather people to pray.  Prayer is our middle name!

We are at an exciting time when we are developing our calling to be a house of prayer for all nations, but we have been shaped by some significant prayer principles that are integral to all we do:

  • Heaven to earth – being directed by God and not man.
  • The importance of the cross – understating the power of Jesus dying on the cross.
  • The Word and Spirit – being guided by scriptures and encouraging us how we should pray.

Our prayers have been for local, national and international issues.

We have seen prayers answered -

  • Prime Ministers selected
  • peace comes to troubled war zones
  • sick people recover
  • corruption be exposed
  • prodigals come home
  • cities kept safe

We have a networking role, working with a range of people and organisations. We bring leaders with a heart for prayer together. We believe that prayer enables mission. We are supporting a growing global movement of young prayer leaders and nation builders. We support and enable united prayer in our cities and for the land and countryside.
We host large national prayer events, calling people together to pray. Increasingly, we mobilise prayer through social media enabling a fast and joined up approach, and inspiring growing numbers to pray.

Alongside this, we have a vision for a World Prayer Centre building – a large facility for prayer and worship, teaching and ministry. It will glorify God in its design and be an engine room for revival.